CONCERT is a technology-based company with 16 years of experience in Operational Technology (OT) for Real-Time and Critical Systems in Utilities, Aerospace and Defense industries.

With its own technology and products, in addition to global partners, CONCERT has significant penetration among the largest Power Utilities in the country. With a focus on business processes, it promotes the integration of systems and processes in accordance with CIM - Common Information Model and the modern Smart Grid concepts.

Control centers with CONCERT technology are in operation in the main Brazilian utilities, controlling about 25% of the power supply in Brazil.

About 130 professionals (engineers, software analysts and technicians) located in São Paulo and Minas Gerais represent years of relationship with the main utilities in Brazil.




You always have to innovate to integrate and manage.
To achieve this and its strategical goals CONCERT believes that is fundamental having a well-defined Corporate Culture and that is must be promoted by all its employees.

​Through people, innovation and quality in its solutions, it seeks to achieve its results and Market acknowledgement.

“CONCERT is a company focused on becoming one of the leaders in the Brazilian and International markets of critical mission systems in power and aerospace segments”.

"“Provide to its customer integrated service solutions, capable of promoting their operation to high levels of quality and helping them to maintain their competitive advantage”.